Human Observation Log 1

si bapak moto aku moto si bapak

Naturally, one would think that people can be held responsible for their thoughts. You would think that since ‘I think, therefore I am’ -though that’s not everybody’s life motto either- people can be expected to be aware of their thought process. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with everybody. Human is just a product of a system. We think we’re wired with common sense but most of our behaviors are sculpted by our surroundings. Depending on what level we are on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our choices are mostly governed by our needs. Not that it’s wrong, there’s just nothing we can do about humans not always having the privilege to think about thinking. In the society itself, we are demanded to be responsible for our actions, not for our thoughts -the latter being a business between us and ourselves only-, ergo no reason why this should be a universal issue when there exist other holier offices that thou might not but doth for the love of mankind such as flying to mars and whatnot. Some people might just drift through their whole life never having this issue raised as a question, never having to realize that this is even a thing. So one’s manipulative act could actually be guilelessly done without any ulterior motive. And I thought a plot hole is just a thing of a badly written fiction ha! The probability of things being revealed is strikingly less in reality. Still, indeed, not everything must be reasonable, not everything must be a part of something bigger. An act can be utterly meaningless, as there is no audience to call that plot hole out and file a petition to the director to do something about it. Well, our failure to be truly sentient is not a defect in the creation or anything, it’s precisely our free will that allows us to prioritize other things to think about first.

So people might think that they’re being nice, as per their innate nature, then proceed to shove their conviction to others whilst unknowingly murder their character in the process. When someone fails to consider other’s position before executing their niceness, they’re just making others a tool in order to enforce their role as the good one. They’re not plotting a bigger scheme, they aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re just innocently ignorant. You know that saying? “It’s not that deep.” It’s true. It could be, but people just waddle through life mindlessly half of the time.

On a side note, wherever we come from, there’s always a possibility of culture lag. The differences between what we learn from our backgrounds that shape our common sense might make us fail to understand each other’s intentions. It’s so easy to hurt someone and think that there’s not one thing infinitesimally wrong in our measure, because we still act according to our value and standard. And it’s so easy to get hurt when you attribute one’s folly to their character instead of the situation, environment, and teaching that results in someone acting a certain way. Realizing that our values aren’t universally applicable could be a hard pill to swallow because we’ll start questioning our reality. It might hurt to think that what or who we used to trust was never that reliable after all, our former ignorance might have taken a victim before, and we’re not as morally correct as we think we were. The bottom line is, I think, we need to accept that humans are highly prone to bias and we need to be careful about reading others and ourselves. Tune our reality at all times, karena kita cuma manusia yang tidak Mahabenar. We don’t have to change our mind, just try to seek first to understand then to be understood (yep, get your 7 habits book di toko-toko terdekat).



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